Ahi Assassins

Joshua Schade, of Hawaiian decent by his mother and a third generation fisherman by his father,

comes out of Kahalu'u, Oahu. As a child, he simultaneously learned how to walk and fish,

instantly being bred into Hawai'i's fishing community.

His passion has been tested but remains unwavering, even after the ocean tried swallowing him whole. In 2009, Josh & his fishing partner Koli'i went out and came back home without the boat. They bobbed in sync with the bow of Ekolu J as they hung on a blue cooler that still sits in the back of their

truck today. Unfound by the coast guard, a fellow fishing boat, POKI BOY, picked them up

hours later as the sun began to set.

"God's Land" is now what he calls being 20+ miles out, where the waves splatter high on the teal sponson of his 29' ft Kamicraft, Makanani. AHI ASSASSINS is a testament of real fishermen.

Josh & Erika met shortly after. Erika grew up in Southern California, but recently rejoined her family on Oahu & was everything Josh needed. She retained island values but was conditioned by the city.

Together they went through trial and error, shuffling ideas and careers concocted with family and friends, none of which worked. AHI ASSASSINS started on the side of the road using plywood and dripping paint but with the recognition that Hawai'i is among the best fisheries globally and yet still sits in a high percentage range of consuming imported-frozen-gas-pumped fish.

Josh & Erika became one of Hawaii's elite Local Pelagic Fish Suppliers that had no middle-man mark-up, because it has no middle-man. Years later, AHI ASSASSIN'S production still stands on the



They have found their calling and they are answering it.

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