Hawaii Nostalgia

Hawaii Nostalgia Studio was established in 1987 by Wayne Nishimoto. At a young age, he discovered his joy in collecting items such as baseball cards, 50th state Big-Time wrestling articles, Hawaiian bottles, Coca Cola memorabilia, etc. In 1987, Wayne purchased his first original acrylic paintings of the Old He’eia Kea Store and the Hygienic School on the windward side.

However, Wayne’s love for collecting became quite expensive, which is where he came up with the idea of Hawaii Nostolgia Studio. With the help of artist Joe Pimental, they were able to begin production of art for picture frame establishments and large window displays that were also supported by autograph signing sessions.

In the early 90’s, Wayne decided to switch things up and take similar nostalgic ideas and reproduce them on t-shirts with the help of artist Benjy Ito. Since then, they’ve done more than 80 designs and are actively marketing more than 40 designs on an ongoing basis.

Some of Hawaii Nostalgia Studio’s most popular designs include Rainbow Drive-In, The Old Honolulu Stadium, Coco’s Coffee House, Arakawa’s, and the Civic Auditorium. With the hopes to expand in the future to a possible Nostalgic Thematic Store or Lunchroom, Hawaii Nostalgia Studio plans to continue the legacy of producing products that help customers reminisce the good old days.

The most unique aspect of Hawaii Nostalgia Studio is their ability to produce art that can show Hawai’i from an original and traditional standpoint. With the purchase of one of Hawaii Nostalgia Studio’s products, you are participating in the process of “Keeping The Memories Alive”.

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