Shimazu Shave Ice

Shimazu Shave Ice opened in 1999 in Mililani. Inspired to provide Hawai’i with the best quality shave ice, the late Kelvin Shimazu began his business as a small kiosk at the Mililani Marketplace. However as word got out about Shimazu’s delicious and unique shave ice flavors, it was time to expand.

In 2006, the first official store opened in the heart of Kalihi and with more than 80 flavors to offer, quick and friendly service, and the support of the community, Shimazu’s was able to make it’s way to becoming one of the best shave ice destinations in Hawai’i. Soon after, they were featured on Ultimate Japan, Bizzare Foods, and Unique Sweets.

In the beginning, the hardest aspect of running Shimazu’s was the transition from a kiosk to a storefront. Nonetheless, Shimazu’s continued to provide Hawai’i with their unique and fine shave ice. The flavors are truly one of a kind because they are all created with Shimazu’s special recipes, incuding suggestions from customers. Some of the most popular combinations include: Classic Rainbow, Red Velvet and Creme Brule, and Tropical Flavors (Liliquoi, Mango, Guava).

In 2015, Shimazu’s expanded to Hawaii’s Favorite Kitchens located in Kapahulu. Continuing to use real cane sugar in all of the syrups, Shimazu’s reputation of selling the yummiest shave ice made with love and care didn’t change one bit.

When asking the current owner, Kendall Shimazu, what he would like his customers to know about Shimazu’s Shave Ice he responded with, “I want to keep making the best quality and consistent shave ice for as long as I can. I love hearing what different flavor ideas my customer
s have to suggest to me because that way, there’s something for everyone. My dad wanted to make shave ice the ‘correct’ way and that’s what I intend to do.”

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